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Riverside Tractor & Equipment Your Farm and Land Maintenance Home in the Tristate

Anywhere in the Tristate area, whether you are looking for a tractor for your farm, a zero-turn mower for your land or chain saws or string trimmers for pruning, Riverside Tractor is your best source. Selling tractors and land management equipment in Northern Kentucky, Southeastern Indiana and Southern Ohio, Riverside Tractor has drawn customers from far and wide for 80 years. When you drive into Augusta, Kentucky you are driving into a generation where people respect traditions. Traditions like integrity, pride, passion for the right things and professionalism. You can buy a tractor in a dozen places within 100 miles – yet, people will drive 100 miles and more to do business at Riverside. They do business here because they never wonder if they have to ask all of the right questions. They trust that the whole story will be told upfront. If they have been elsewhere first and have a better price, you can be sure that the “fine print” needs some examination. At Riverside Tractor, we will get you to a true cost comparison – and it is rare that we lose a sale when all the facts are known. At Riverside, we never want you to go to another dealer – ever. At Riverside Tractor, you can trust that you will be dealt a fair hand from the beginning, every time.

Your Landowner Resource

Riverside Tractor has a many-year tradition of serving those in the Tristate with a need to manage large tracts of land. Whether a homeowner or the owner of a large estate, the top-of-the-line sold and maintained by Riverside Tractor means a reliable source at neighborly small-town prices. Zero-turn mowers, chain saws, stringer trimmers each have a place in the upkeep of your land. And, Riverside is the place to find them priced right.

The Farmer’s Partner

Farmers rely on Riverside Tractor as a vital resource for maintaining their livelihoods. Unreliable equipment means lost time and lost revenue. Riverside Tractor stands as your partner in maximizing your up-time and overall efficiency. Riverside stocks a wide range of tractors, hay bailers and other farm equipment with financing for any customer.

Sacred Trust

For over 80 years our location in Augusta, KY has been the reliable resource for those who manage their land. Riverside Tractor considers these relationships to be a sacred trust, today – and tomorrow.


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Riverside Tractor & Equipment, LLC

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